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CAC is ready for the world
Time:2009/3/9 7:57:24   Hit:2276

Source: FCI 

  Shanghai’s reputation for bustling commerce continues to help propel the China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition into the largest gathering of agrochemical manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the year. The 10th annual event next month expects to welcome more than 14,000 visitors to more than 1,000 booths.

The event’s educational seminars include the third China International Forum on the Development of Pesticide Industry, which will study the macroeconomic factors that will change the way business is conducted in China in 2009, such as the promulgation of a new labor law, the sharp increase of the pressure on the raw materials of pesticide and labor cost, the global financial crisis, and tariffs and taxes, among other factors.

Department heads from various Chinese government agencies will conduct talks, including, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Institute of the Control of Agrichemicals, as well as Dr. Shen Jizhong, China’s senior pesticide registration expert.

Other invited speakers include Dr. Roman Macaya, president of Latin America Agrochemicals Industry Association; Mr. Danylo Ivanov, director of Pesticide Registration of Ukraine Ministry of Environment Protection; and Dr. Monir Mohamed Almaz, director of Pesticides Test Centre of Egypt Agriculture Ministry.

The 2009 World Academic Meeting for the Development of Pesticide Sciences, Technologies and Applications also brings together experts and scholars well-known in the domestic and foreign pesticide sector. Discussions aim to pinpoint ways to fund and conduct research on the development of pesticide sciences and technologies from multiple angles, layers and areas through top-level dialogue between domestic and foreign pesticide scholars.

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